Cannabis Runs In Our Roots

Since 2014, Double Delcious has been family-owned, family-run, and consistently producing quality cannabis products at an accessible price.

Our Story

You may know Double Delicious for our high-quality cannabis at great prices, but do you know the people behind the products you store in your underwear drawer? Allow us to introduce ourselves. Family founded and family-run, our dad, Dave Wakefield built Double Delicious way back in 2014. Now, the next generation of Wakefields are getting involved — continuing our dad’s legacy, while making some improvements along the way. You could say cannabis runs in our roots.

We’re keeping the quality, value, and consistency you’ve come to expect, while continuing to push our business, and the industry, to new heights (pun intended). For starters, we’re composting our waste and making sure we always put our employees first. And when it comes to our cannabis, we’re not messing around. We source from only trusted growers, do voluntary pesticide testing on all our products, and are members of multiple cannabis advocacy organizations.

While you might expect all that to come with a steep price tag, we believe consistently high-quality cannabis products should be accessible to anyone (anyone 21 and over, that is.) So, whether you’re looking for vaporizers, concentrates, edibles, or topicals, you can trust Double Delicious to always give you the best product at the best price. We’re the cannabis company you can count on.

Committed To Our Community

We’re driven to improve industry standards and provide our customers with consistenty clean cannabis products. Which is why we composte our waste, perform voluntary pesticide testing, and advocate for cannabis as members of the Cannabis Alliance and Washington Sungrowers Industry Association.

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